About me

What I'm up to

I'm currently leading UX teams at Lucid in Salt Lake City, Utah (though you may be more familiar with our flagship product, Lucidchart). This site was formerly my portfolio, and is now the repository of my latest thoughts on design, tech, and teams.

Also, every year I run an industry tools survey on my website uxtools.co.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to chat. Find me at tpalmer.ixd@gmail.com.

My design story

Everyone has one of these, right?

Mine starts with a less-than-legal acquisition of Photoshop in high school to practice digital painting with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Like many designers, I was always pretty good at art and illustration but had no idea how to make a career out of it. I bounced around majors in college, finding that I enjoyed creating the presentations and artifacts for classes (such as presentations and magazines) much more than the actual content that went in them. This realization led me to graphic design.

While pursuing my graphic design degree at BYU, I was fortunate enough to find some great mentors who helped me learn basic HTML and CSS (enough to be dangerous with a Wordpress site) through part-time jobs. From there I read books and blogs to learn to create my own sites from scratch. Eventually, I landed a frontend web development internship with a small agency.

Though I don't do it for work, I really enjoy front-end development. I've built a couple dozen sites from scratch (like this one!). I don't consider myself an entrepreneur, but I find great satisfaction making my designs come to life.

I joined Lucid in 2015 as the fourth designer within a company of about 90 employees. As of 2020, I'm a UX Director working directly with 5 designers on a design team of 15, within a company of about 700 employees. I still love to design, and I always have a side project I'm tinkering with on nights and weekends.