Portfolio Reviews

I recently put out an offer on LinkedIn to review the portfolios of designers who were entering the job market, coming out of school, struggling with interviews, or otherwise looking for advice. The response was amazing! Many designers were seeking advice about how to create a great portfolio, and my advice seemed helpful to them.

I would love to spend time with each and every designer helping them understand the things I've learned about portfolios from being a hiring manager and building teams of my own. I have a full-time job and a family, however, so I need to prioritize those things as I also give my time to help others.

My offer to you

I have looked at hundreds (if not thousands) of portfolios over the years, collaborating and recruiting at different universities across the US and hiring designers for my own team (not to mention rebuilding my own portfolio too many times to count!). I would love to help you develop a strong portfolio too! Here are some ways I can help:

  • Portfolio advice (Free—or you can buy me a drink)
    If you are a student, recently graduated from a university or bootcamp, or are still looking for your first design job, I will happily review you portfolio and give you some basic, actionable feedback to help you get noticed by hiring managers and successfully navigate interviews.
  • In depth portfolio review ($20)
    A detailed report, delivered as a PDF. I will review your portfolio against my own hiring templates and provide you actionable feedback about your visual design, presenting research, and putting your best work first. I will also review your resume to help you present yourself and your experience in the best way possible.
  • Portfolio review + video call ($50)
    I will send you an in-depth portfolio review (described above) and make myself available for a 30 minute video call to answer any other questions about portfolios, hiring, design, career advice, or anything else you want to talk about! I'm here to help.

*Note: I can't guarantee you'll get hired after I review your portfolio. I'm not a magician—though that would be cool if I was. I'd probably prefer to be a Jedi, though, in all honesty.